03 November 2009


Title inspired by that episode of Glee where Sue said 'outstanding' and it was the best anyone's ever uttered those words that I almost screamed. Y'all know what I mean, right? Right. She is totes my idol.

So while everyone else today was dressing up and gettin' fancy, I thought I'd keep it pretty casual. That and I wasn't invited to any cup day luncheons (pffft). And I had to trek out to uni to hand in an assignment and didn't really feel like doing it in heels with a fascinator. Not that I'd ever, ever wear a fascinator.

Ahh there's a great story behind these shorts - I didn't get charged for them. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Well it's a great story for me, whatever.

Singlet by Supré
Shorts by Billabong
Second-hand shirt
Necklace by Jeanswest
Rings gift from a friend
Belt by Cotton On

Lisa xx

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