04 November 2009

Best sunglasses in the world

Oh yeah. Your eyes aren't broken. These sunnies are real. I bought them from Factorie a couple weeks ago so I could photograph them to be part of a design assignment but I'm pretty certain I'm going to end up wearing them all day, every day, forever. Because they are just that rad and the perfect amount of tacky and I love them. $10 well spent, yes?

Lisa xx


  1. When I was fifteen I splurged on a pair of Converse runners with a holographic rainbow detail and even though I'm not fifteen anymore, rainbow has a special place in my heart. You'd probably never know it from all the black I wear, though!! Totally going to stalk Factorie and check these out.

  2. Aww I hope you still have them! I think more people like rainbow than they let on... :)