06 November 2009


Here's what's inspiring me at the moment... 'cause it can't all be about me, you know? (Yeah, I'm only saying that so I don't seem like a self-involved narcissist. Oh yes, it's totally working.) But seriously, I can't take credit for, like, anything I do. Seriously. It's all inspired by other amazing people. Yup.

Ce Voyage Sombre by the Cherry Blossom Girl. For goshness sake, Alix can actually do no wrong. Woman is a goddess. A French goddess. A beautiful French goddess of whom I'm totally jealous.

This Kai-Aakmann keyhole drape sweater (via Jazzi McG). Ohhh I want this so very badly.

Garance Doré - always.

Alicia from Sea of Ghosts hitting heads of nails.

Slanelle - just amazing, amazing style.

Isn't the internet and all its inhabitants wonderrrrful???

It's all a bit dark and mysterious which is a little strange considering the weather's heading into summer but meh, my brain don't work in conventional ways, yo.

Lisa xx

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