31 December 2013

new years for the soul

(Perfect new years track or what, right?)

2013 has been big. Probably the biggest one yet. This is the year I worked harder than ever before, found myself dancing at a festival in country England, exploring London, meeting some incredible people. I moved out for the first time and learned how to take care of myself. I landed a little job at my dream employer. I danced harder than ever. And then it all came to a halt when I fell sick and was forced to actually learn how to take care of myself. I got injured, a little bit sick again, and then sad, and then hermit-like. 2013 has truly been a beast, with very high highs and very low lows, and there has been something to learn from every inch of it.

I'm so ready for 2014, whatever it will bring. I have plans and ideas and goals and questions and vagueness and mystery that I honestly can't wait to dive into. It's going to be even bigger, and even better.

Being on the mend still, I can't be having a wild end to the year (as much as I would love to be running around the city like a lunatic, champagne in one hand and gin in the other, dancing 'til the wee hours). Over the past few months I've really been struggling with having my energy and health, and thus my favourite activities, being taken away from me, to the point where I've let myself become wrapped up in a sort of self-imposed detachment from a lot of people I love. I'm only just starting to see it as a gift. I've been given time to sit, take it easy, think, meditate and most importantly, let my body heal. I'm a little ashamed of how miserable I've let myself become over not being able to dance, or drink, or stay up late, or run around wild with my friends. Those were the things that kept me sane, essentially. So I've had to re-evaluate the source and the methods of my sanity and well-being. (To put it lightly, ha.)

So 2014 is going to be all about the soul. I'm on the mend so it won't be too long before I'm back with my mates in the wee hours, playing hard, or back at work, dancing harder. But there'll be a slight difference. I'll be giving my body everything it needs to be strong and healthy, I'll be meditating, I'll be resting, I'll be talking, I'll be writing; I'll be looking after my soul. Sustainable sanity, you could say! Equipping myself to handle (and leap head-first into) whatever 2014 sends my way.

And I'm so excited. And I'm starting with tonight.

Here's to a 2013 that was filled with joy and sadness and adventure and a whole lot of learning. And here's to an even bigger and better 2014. Love and light and killer tunes to you all, have a joyous night!


P.S. I'm thinking up some big new things for this ol' blog in 2014. Amongst general life nonsense, and sorting my brain ideas out - posts may continue to be scarce for a wee while. But good things are to come, I promise.

09 December 2013

necromancy by josh tavener

Necromancy is the ever charming and captivating Josh Tavener's second solo exhibition (you may remember his first, China Doll, or his collaboration with label Tale of a Tall Fellow), and it is divine.

"Josh draws inspiration from a myriad of sophisticated models, current runway fashion and editorial photography. By combining line work and dripping paints, Necromancy delves into technical experimentation and colour exploration to create a mysterious aesthetic."

I'm a big big fan of Josh's work - his mix of colour, elegant lines and practice of finishing each image with the perfect layer of magic and intrigue totally gets me every time. I super recommend you check out this new series of work for yourself - the exhibition runs until the 13th and can be found upstairs at Common Ground. Check out the facebook event page for more details, and Josh's official page to keep up to date with his stuff. Sublime!

Lisa xx