30 March 2010

You're mad, bonkers, off your head!

"...But I'll tell you a secret: all the best people are."

"Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

Yes, I finally got round to seeing Alice in Wonderland today! It wasn't as fantastic as I was hoping, and definitely not Tim Burton's best, but it was still pretty excellent and I liked it a lot. (And I LOVED the wardrobe.)

Dress by Quirky Blu
Vest by Temt

Lisa xx

29 March 2010

Such great heights

After setting my alarm an hour earlier than I needed to this morning (STUPID) I had some spare time to dance around my room in this pretty dress and then snap a few photos. Marvelous!

Dress by Quirky Circus
Bolero by Miss Selfridge
Brooch by Daniella Rosen

Lisa xx

26 March 2010

Dog days are over

(A live version of 'Dog days are over' by Florence and the Machine came on the radio just as I was uploading these photos and it's pretty freaking fantastic.)

As I mentioned in my last post I was feeling a bit uninspired this week (I'm blaming it on a photography assignment I had due on tuesday that zapped all my creative energy) but I think I did okay? Sure, why not.

Lisa xx

25 March 2010

Sweet sixteen

I've been feeling a bit sartorially uninspired this week, boo. My solution for it tonight is to wear the dress I bought for my 16th birthday party. Which led to me going through all the photos from that night and getting slightly teary. And saying 'awwww' a lot.

(Sorry for the shit quality; I tried to make it prettier by whizzing it through poladroid. I mean - dude, the quality, like, totally conveys the atmosphere. Yeah.)

I have no idea where the dress is from, all it has is a swirly love heart on the tag.

Lisa xx

P.S. LAMEST title ever, I know. That's how uninspired I am, I couldn't even think of a song or quote or witty phrase to use. UGH.

20 March 2010

Chocolate raspberry lemon and lime

Saturday night and I'm being a nerd, spending it at home doing work. But the work is editing photos for photography, if that makes it any cooler? Just a tiny, little bit cooler..?

The only thing that would've made this outfit more thrown-together would be if I'd literally thrown it on. But alas, I just grabbed random items of clothing and put them on in the regular fashion. Nothing exciting there. Really the only reason the outfit's making it here (and what a selection process it is!) is that I love the photos I took of it. I'm seriously considering taking all of my photos in the evening from now on just because the light's so pretty.

(Also - taking photos of myself in the front yard was weird! I was getting really paranoid that people would be watching me. And thinking that I'm weird. How do y'all take your photos? In private? By someone else? In the middle of the street for all to see? I'm really curious!)

And a few photos taken on photobooth 'cos I'm such a crazy gal (and it's more fun than studying)...

Top by Supré
Pants by Temt
Scarf by Zara
Cardigan by Miss Shop

Lisa xx

P.S. Are you amazed as I am that this is the fourth day in a row that I've posted something?? I must be totally inspired or something. Or just narcissistic. Nah, inspired sounds better.

19 March 2010

Bright white lights

Another week of uni survived! And this week made me very happy because it was slightly colder. I wore tights on multiple days! And a scarf! And a bit of a jacket! Autumn's here and I'M EXCITED.

Lisa xx

18 March 2010

Jar jar hijinx

Spotted some jars, partook in some note-passing and then filled them with buttons and ribbons and shiz. A day well spent, methinks. (And yes, I need more buttons.)

Did you like my title pun? Did it make sense? Was it TOTALLY HILARIOUS and NOT AT ALL LAME?

Lisa xx

P.S. I spotted myself on coquettes tonight and it made me smile big time. So thank you so much! Hear that world? The internet says I'm cute, it must be true!

17 March 2010

Sweet Disposition

A real live outfit post! WOWEE! I just couldn't wear this dress today without posing a bit and showing you lot. I made the trek (and it is a trek... I didn't realise William st was so long before) to the Lala Orange sale on sunday and CLEARLY it was worth it. I hadn't heard of the shop before but I'll fo shiz be heading back, great great vintage range. And this dress is just so pretty and floaty and lovely. Biiiiig smile on my face right now.

The green ring was for St Patty's day - not my best effort but better than nothing, right?

Vintage dress via Lala Orange
Singlet by Cotton On
Tights by Forever New
Shoes by Heavenly Daze
Vintage satchel

Lisa xx

P.S. I finally have a new header up! Hope you like :)

14 March 2010

New thing

So I had an idea last tuesday... since uni's taking up an awfully large part of my life leaving me less time for this 'lil blog (tear tear) an easy way for me to show you my outfits throughout the week is in one big super post! EXCITING, RIGHT?

I guess it gives you an idea of how I dress for uni - comfy, casual and prone to some interesting choices (ie. wouldn't normally make it online) when getting dressed early in the morning. Tuesday's my favourite. Lots of bloggers have been talking about their go-to outfits recently and this pretty much sums up mine: top of some sort, high waisted skirt and a belt. Easy peasy!


Lisa xx

10 March 2010

No turning back

A couple of new delights entered my life over the weekend - first of all this beautiful and adorable brooch by Daniella Rosen that was a belated birthday present from one of my best friends. She's obviously WONDERFUL. (I wore it with my last outfit on sunday, making me look even more like a unicorn threw up on me. Which, yes, is a good thing.)

And secondly the vintage leather satchel mentioned in my last post that I picked up at the Retro market! Dear oh dear I do like this bag. Kind of classic-schoolbag-meets-Indiana-Jones? Which is like the coolest thing ever at the moment? Why are these questions? ANYWAY it's pretty and I like it which really is all that matters.

I hope everyone is having a MARVELOUS week!

Lisa xx

07 March 2010

Do wah doo

Breathe in. Breathe out. Sunday night and I'm still adjusting to how packed these past seven days have been. I'm not used to packed. But I like it. I like having things to do, places to be, people to see. Makes me feel all important-like! (The lack of sleep, not so much.)

In case you were wondering about all the TOTALLY RAD AND EXCITING things I got up to this weekend, a list: saturday included the usual work shift before the far more thrilling WA Screen Awards. What's that? You want to see photos of me acting stupid while getting ready for them? Can do! (In poladroid? EVEN BETTER!)

(I also wrote a little bit about the awards in my tumblr.)

And before being whisked to my friend's boyfriend's birthday party my sunday was spent at one of my favourite market-y events, the monthly Retro Market. If any of you Perth types out there haven't checked it out yet I so very highly recommend it. I picked up a vintage leather satchel for myself and it's, well, fabulous. (Photos OF COURSE to come!)

So with this spot of running about I decided I needed to get around as quickly and as cutely as possible. Mission, like, totally accomplished.

Awards dress by Tokito
Cute dress by Quirky Circus
Top by Miss Shop
Shoes by Heavenly Daze

Lisa xx

P.S. I'm a little bit in love with Kate Nash's new song and video. (I've also decided that every crush I've ever had can be summed up in a Kate Nash song.)