10 March 2010

No turning back

A couple of new delights entered my life over the weekend - first of all this beautiful and adorable brooch by Daniella Rosen that was a belated birthday present from one of my best friends. She's obviously WONDERFUL. (I wore it with my last outfit on sunday, making me look even more like a unicorn threw up on me. Which, yes, is a good thing.)

And secondly the vintage leather satchel mentioned in my last post that I picked up at the Retro market! Dear oh dear I do like this bag. Kind of classic-schoolbag-meets-Indiana-Jones? Which is like the coolest thing ever at the moment? Why are these questions? ANYWAY it's pretty and I like it which really is all that matters.

I hope everyone is having a MARVELOUS week!

Lisa xx


  1. Love the brooch! And that bag is exactly the sort I have been looking for! Isn't it always funny that when you are desperately looking for something you can't find it anywhere?



  2. ahhhh i love that bag so much! so jealous :) and yes, it's definitely indiana-jones-ish but so much better.

  3. Lovin that bag! What an awesome find, especially since it looks to be in pretty good condition. I occasionally find rad stuff like that bag, but it's in terrible shape....

  4. that brooch is so cute. I think I have bag-envy! That bag is seriously fab.

  5. That satchel has me in a crazy jealous place!