20 March 2010

Chocolate raspberry lemon and lime

Saturday night and I'm being a nerd, spending it at home doing work. But the work is editing photos for photography, if that makes it any cooler? Just a tiny, little bit cooler..?

The only thing that would've made this outfit more thrown-together would be if I'd literally thrown it on. But alas, I just grabbed random items of clothing and put them on in the regular fashion. Nothing exciting there. Really the only reason the outfit's making it here (and what a selection process it is!) is that I love the photos I took of it. I'm seriously considering taking all of my photos in the evening from now on just because the light's so pretty.

(Also - taking photos of myself in the front yard was weird! I was getting really paranoid that people would be watching me. And thinking that I'm weird. How do y'all take your photos? In private? By someone else? In the middle of the street for all to see? I'm really curious!)

And a few photos taken on photobooth 'cos I'm such a crazy gal (and it's more fun than studying)...

Top by Supré
Pants by Temt
Scarf by Zara
Cardigan by Miss Shop

Lisa xx

P.S. Are you amazed as I am that this is the fourth day in a row that I've posted something?? I must be totally inspired or something. Or just narcissistic. Nah, inspired sounds better.


  1. how AMAZING was the sky tonight (you should see the photos I took too)

    and I totally turned down a mexican party to chill at home haha OK WE ARE LAME.

  2. awww these pictures really did come out gorgeous! evening photos are always the best, unless you're trying to beat the sunset! haha :P

    and your post title is making me drool. ahhh!

  3. I love the last photos of your feet!

  4. I get my hubby to take my pics for me (when I actually manage to wear an outfit worthy of going on my blog!!) and I also feel a bit wierd doing it out the front of the house...and out the back too...we have low fences and the neighbours can see everything we do!! blergh

  5. Photobooth is pretty much my favorite thing. Glad to see you take it as seriously as I do. :)

    PS. Way to go on the regular postings.

  6. Those pants look nice. :)