14 March 2010

New thing

So I had an idea last tuesday... since uni's taking up an awfully large part of my life leaving me less time for this 'lil blog (tear tear) an easy way for me to show you my outfits throughout the week is in one big super post! EXCITING, RIGHT?

I guess it gives you an idea of how I dress for uni - comfy, casual and prone to some interesting choices (ie. wouldn't normally make it online) when getting dressed early in the morning. Tuesday's my favourite. Lots of bloggers have been talking about their go-to outfits recently and this pretty much sums up mine: top of some sort, high waisted skirt and a belt. Easy peasy!


Lisa xx


  1. ahh i love these outfits so much! i especially love that purple skirt and your thursday outfit!!! :) what a great idea to save time by having one giant post!

  2. These are all really cute! I love the purple skirt!

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