07 March 2010

Do wah doo

Breathe in. Breathe out. Sunday night and I'm still adjusting to how packed these past seven days have been. I'm not used to packed. But I like it. I like having things to do, places to be, people to see. Makes me feel all important-like! (The lack of sleep, not so much.)

In case you were wondering about all the TOTALLY RAD AND EXCITING things I got up to this weekend, a list: saturday included the usual work shift before the far more thrilling WA Screen Awards. What's that? You want to see photos of me acting stupid while getting ready for them? Can do! (In poladroid? EVEN BETTER!)

(I also wrote a little bit about the awards in my tumblr.)

And before being whisked to my friend's boyfriend's birthday party my sunday was spent at one of my favourite market-y events, the monthly Retro Market. If any of you Perth types out there haven't checked it out yet I so very highly recommend it. I picked up a vintage leather satchel for myself and it's, well, fabulous. (Photos OF COURSE to come!)

So with this spot of running about I decided I needed to get around as quickly and as cutely as possible. Mission, like, totally accomplished.

Awards dress by Tokito
Cute dress by Quirky Circus
Top by Miss Shop
Shoes by Heavenly Daze

Lisa xx

P.S. I'm a little bit in love with Kate Nash's new song and video. (I've also decided that every crush I've ever had can be summed up in a Kate Nash song.)


  1. love the dress and polaroid style pictures...I like the banner by the way!

  2. wow. love the hair for the awards! And the dress rocks too!

  3. you are SO cute. just stumbled onto your site. i love your blog!

  4. i can't get over just how adorable you look in this outfit! the bow on the top of your head pulls the whole look together. and i love poloroids!
    can't wait to see your vintage satchel :)

  5. LOVE the pictures! You look beautiful in them! And that bow in your hair is too cute. I love it!