04 March 2010

Out of the blue

Another quick post, welp sorry! This weekend I'll do a nice big fat one, I promise. It's only my first week back at uni but it's been so exhausting (today was my day off and I spent it... drum roll... studying!) But I just couldn't let a week go by without something gracing these pages so here are a couple of lovely photos of some rad bow-action. It's officially my favourite accessory.

My mum would never forgive me if I didn't ask you to please excuse my messy room!

Singlet by Cotton On
Top - DIYd
Shorts by Sportsgirl
Vest by Kookaï

Lisa xx


  1. ahhh the placement of that bow is awesome! it's such a pleasant surprise when you turn around and see it :)
    and don't worry, my dorm room is a complete disaster, i'm currently sitting on a pile of dirty clothes haha

  2. That bow is SO cute! I may have to try that :D


  3. Heyy fellow aussie :D
    love this post!
    great blog.
    stop by some time xx