07 November 2009

Strict no-ruffles policy

Because She's the Man is on tv and that line came up right as I was trying to think of a title. So yeah.

I'd totally forgotten about this cropped cardigan until today (and I actually like it now a lot more than I used to) and I thought it'd make the perfect geeky and slightly weird cherry on top of an otherwise plain outfit.

Though (unusually) I was actually not in a very geeky and slightly weird mood today. It's my first day having finished uni for the year (WOW. I can't believe I'm done with my first year of uni... just wow... how mature must I be??) and so I slept in (I'd almost forgotten how to do this), made cupcakes and then went for an intense and refreshing run. Mmm... I love summer break already. Even more so because just about everyone else I know at uni still has exams for the next couple weeks. MWAH HA HA.

And oh! Exciting! I now have two job interviews lined up next week, both for clothes shops. GET READY TO BE AMAZED, FASHION (RETAIL) WORLD. You have been warned.

Second-hand shirt (sleeves cut off with me)
Shorts by Cotton On
Cropped cardigan by Valley Girl
Scarf (worn as headband) so old I can't for the life of me remember where it came from
Rings both gifts
Brooch from (I think) Diva

Lisa xx


  1. love all the accessories. very nice.


  2. *Swoon* Summer break is here for good, you asked for the cupcake recipe so i have updated my post for you. littleravensworld.wordpress.com ~~ Good luck with your job interviews, i'm actually going to post some pictures i took of me hanging out at work today (what can i say, it was hot, i was bored, and i wanted to be outside :P )
    xoxo Little Raven

  3. Thanks!! I'll be sure to give the recipe a go.

    The job interviews didn't go so well... but I did end up getting a job at a bakery and let's face it, cakes and pastries are second only to clothes and accessories :)