01 April 2013

chin up

Photo taken from The Something Fine Project march last year

Oh yikes. So last weekend was an excellent one, that ended very, very, very poorly. Some appalling human took it upon herself to steal all my camera gear while I was at an event late sunday afternoon. It's devastating, I'm completely heartbroken and frankly, I feel like I'm missing a limb.

Because it wasn't just some expensive equipment, you know? (Though someone taking something of considerable monetary value does of course sting more than a little.) It hurts because my camera gear represented a pretty sizeable portion of my life. It was stuff I used basically every day - for work, for this here blog, for documenting or for general experimenting and playing around. And it was stuff I used to express myself. To express things for other people. To capture moments and objects and events, whether of great significance or great silliness. Every creative person has their outlet, and it's never going to feel pleasant to have that outlet figuratively spat upon by some wankhead.

But shitty things happen, hey. We can't let someone else's sucky life decisions and lack of conscience get us down and stop us from creating and being productive.

So I've let myself wallow for a week or so but now I'm back in the game. I'm currently reassessing my camera needs, researching the shit out of equipment and planning to replace at least the body and one lens within the next week. (Which, despite the circumstances, is pretty exciting.)

My chin is up. I've got a million more photos to take.

Lisa xx


  1. That f-ing sucks Lisa!!!! GAH what a freaking douchebag.
    new cam cam! wooooo! I hope it goes smoothly for you :D

    xx T

  2. Oh man...what a crappy hiccup in your easter break :( good things come out of bad so keep the chin up and who knows what a new camera might bring!!! x

  3. Eurgh, some people are such low lifes! Of course everyone would love a camera, but you damn well earn the money to go and buy yourself your own camera, don't take it from someone who obviously worked to save up for their own!

  4. nice photo!! anyway that sucks! be passion dear :)

    anyway im following you now if you like my blog you can follow me back :)

  5. OMG are you kidding?? What low life scumbag would have the nerve to steal your camera gear!! I'm so sorry! I help the new camera goes well though! Anyway let us know when you *sniff sniff* leave Perth as would love to see you before you go!

    I've also nominated you for a Liebster award, so come over at http://sassandspice.com/2013/04/liebster-award/ if you want to take part!

  6. Oh my god...... that's shocking. Who the fuck would do that, seriously. Keep your chin up! :)

  7. What a kick in the teeth! That sucks Lisa! I hope you somehow manage to recover the stolen goods!