23 March 2013

urban couture: eclectori

A runway by the harbour? Pretty damn divine! Wednesday night saw the eclectori runway along the Breakwater Jetty in Hillarys, featuring a number of fantastic WA designers (Jessica Martino, Wild.Horses, Kim Barton, Peppermint Milk, On A Whim and Lonely 8-Bit Heroes) previewing their Autumn/ Winter collections. If Winter is coming, I don't think we have anything to worry about here in Perth.

Here were my favourite bits...

Peppermint Milk has taken a turn for the dark and I am so into it. The classic bodice and regal style is still there, now with some edgier cuts and more shadows lurking in the corners. And that black and gold print, oh MY. It's kinda Wednesday-Addams-goes-to-prom and damn if that isn't a vibe I want to get on board with so badly.

On A Whim doing what it does best - sweet lines, picnic-worthy dresses, a general air of equal parts cuteness, cheek and confidence. A perfect Autumnal palette, a charming amount of gingham and accessories to win any heart. AND CAPE. I need cape.

Oh my LAWD. Slap me into this please, drop me into a video game circa 20 ish years ago and leave me there to fight crime and break hearts. I feel like there's very little that couldn't be done in this get up. 

All of these delicious items will soon be stocked online at eclectori. The site is brim-full with local Australian designers - so worth checking out if you haven't already. (And they've free shipping within Australia! Raddest.)

For photos of Peppermint Milk at last year's Perth Fashion Festival you can head here, or here for On A Whim.

Lisa xx


  1. cool photos, I love that gold and black dress xoxo


  2. Lol, my husband won't let me get a cape! But I will...one day...

  3. Those Peppermint Milk brocade bodices are ridic! So good! Perfect winter material & a nice change to all their usual pastels :)

    Steph xx