17 March 2013

midnight snack

Holy smokes, I'm surrounded by some talented folk here in Perth. Delicious local artist Bonnie Boogaard has just opened her second solo exhibition, Midnight Snack, at Tú's Stairwell Gallery. Inspired by her love of food she explores the personalities, idiosyncrasies and dark habits of your favourite edible treats - in particular what they get up to while you're resting your head. Whimsy and wit abounds - plus the most charming collection of food related wordplay you ever did see ('swallow the leader', 'blood orange', 'banana split personality') - I'd love to see what it's like inside Bonnie's head for a day.

'Home sick' (above) is my favourite. That poor lil' slice of cheese.

Midnight Snack is running at Stairwell Gallery, nestled between  and Tea for Tú (have you checked that sweet little cafe out yet? So damn pleasant) until the 8th of April. Hop to it!

Lisa xx

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  1. I seriously love these little places popping up all around Perth! Definitely need to check this out X