01 March 2013

summer's end

Hey, here's a word: welp. ~Life~ got away from me a little bit this past month. Between working as much as I could and trying (and failing) to not become overwhelmed about the Big Life Shit I've got planned in a few months, I didn't leave much energy for my internet happy place. But that can happen. I think I've got myself somewhat together now, so let's have another crack at consistency, shall we?

Summer is finito, folks! Well, to an extent - I'm in Perth, so. The heat ain't leaving just yet. But there just isn't the same romance to 'long, beach-filled Autumn days' or 'mild Autumn nights under the stars', y'know? For another year, our favourite summer activities just won't be the same - chilling at the beach, late night swims, road trips, refreshing gin and tonics, frozen yoghurt, wearing bathers in public places, all that nonsense. So I've put together a bit of a So Long, Summer playlist for you. (Or if you're northern hemispherically inclined, a See You in a Few Months, Summer! playlist.)

1. Wait for the Summer by Yeasayer

2. My Heart is on Fire by Asta

3. Summertime by Sam Cooke

4. The Real Thing by Russell Morris

5. Shelter Song by Temples

7. Step Up For the Cool Cats by Palma Violets

8. Ghost Train by Summer Camp

What will you miss about Summer/ what are you looking forward to about Summer? (If anything?)

Lisa xx

1 comment:

  1. I love yeasayer! As for what i'm looking forward to about summer...everything? haha xx