24 February 2010

I put a spell on you

Day number two with an out of order back = chocolate, Daria, more tea and even more pillows. I feel like I'm turning into a hermit. But alas! I did drag myself outside to get a few happy snaps of my other ebay treasure, this charming TV necklace which I just couldn't resist. I watch a hell of a lot of TV and it's even included in my uni degree. So come on. This necklace couldn't have a more suitable owner.

(Misty the cat gave in to her curiousity to see what the fuss was about. Good grief I love that pudding of fur.)

Necklace from Devil's Closet, which has a GREAT range of vintage jewellery and is totally well priced. Have I mentioned how much I love ebay?

Lisa xx

P.S. Freakin' fantastic song. There's a great scene with it in Nowhere Boy, too (which itself is a fabulous film).

I couldn't resist adding the trailer. Great fashion too, I love that period. (The boys' hair! And John's 'Buddy Holly' glasses! So great.)


  1. oh my god that tv necklace is amazing! :) i'm loving these shots you got of it too.
    i hope your back starts feeling better. it must suck being like a hermit :(

  2. That necklace is adorable! I used to have a t-shirt with a picture of a TV and a caption that read "my best friend" ! ;D

  3. I love that necklace!! feel better soon! xoxo