26 February 2010

You've got the love

Say 'how do you do' to my gorgeous new red dress, bought in Sydney last week! So this blog is basically me going on about stuff I own that I love probably a little too much and this dress is no exception. I LOVE this dress. And even better - I love the way I feel when I wear this dress.

There are two things I love about fashion, and are essentially what I personally consider "fashion" being all about: 1. clothing as a form of self-expression, and 2. wearing clothing that makes you feel fabulous, confident and just plain good about yourself. There's a hell of a lot of negativity in this industry but you'll find none of that here, no sir. My attitude towards this blog has always been that it's my fashion-happy-place. Hence my constant lovey-doveyness!

Heh, slight tangent there but my point is I wear what makes me feel good. And this dress makes me feel MAGNIFICENT. It also makes me feel like I'd fit right in on Mad Men (and that is of course a Very Good Thing).

Dress by Dangerfield Revival
Scarf - gift from my nanna
Shoes by Lucy Lockett

Lisa xx


  1. Yes - self expression and comfort are two things that I consider to be sartorially significant as well. VERY cute dress!
    I love seeing more of your backyard too!

  2. Oh yes, def a dress to be worn on mad men!
    Great great dress! Red is such a fab, powerful colour and you pull it off very well!

  3. You look fantastic in this new red dress of yours! I agree, fashion should be all about wearing what makes you feel good.

    You've got such a lovely and fun blog! I'll surely be back.

  4. this dress is absolutely stunning on you! you're a vision in red. and those shoes are perfection as well :)
    my favorite part about clothing is also how it can make you feel confident in yourself.

  5. That dress fit you like a dream. Love it. Also, these photos look slightly magical. :)

  6. I too have been looking for the perfect red dresss... bravo! love yours!

  7. cute outfit! the hair matches perfectly. lovely x