01 February 2010


I wore this out to a casual party at a friend's place on saturday (my dad calls that kind of thing a 'show' which I love). The show (heh) itself was kind of average (I was super tired and one of the only people not aiming to get drunk) but the house it was in was AMAZING. My friend's family just bought it with plans to renovate but I secretly hope they don't because the interior design is so ridiculously 60s (I hope I've got the right decade) it's AMAZING. Flowery wallpaper, comfy old armchairs, horrible carpet, everything. It was like stepping into a time machine, it was fantastic. At the very least I hope they let me keep the wallpaper.

And I really like this outfit! It was totally comfy and just the right amount of cute, in my humble opinion. I love the tights and shorts combination thing that seems to be happening at the moment. And I curled my hair! With considerable success! I don't want to get all vain on y'all now but I'm kinda in love with my hair at the moment. To the point where I keep opening photo booth to check out its curly goodness. I think I can feel an obsession coming on...

And another new thing - sunnies! I really like these a lot too. They were a birthday present, thanks mum. Smiley face.

Top by Miss Shop
Shorts, tights and sunnies by Sportsgirl
Cardigan and shoes by Cotton On
Bag by Forever New

Lisa xx

P.S. February header is up! Yes, I'm going to be changing it every month. Hope you like like.

P.P.S. Totes digging this song.


  1. You have the prettiest hair colour I have ever seen!

  2. Very cute outfit!!
    Your hair looks absolutely perfect :)

  3. DAMNIT. Ben went but I felt too crappy to go!! Sorry!! You look great :D

  4. I concur with your humble opinion. Just th right amount of cuteness.

  5. how adorable are you in this outfit and in these pictures??? you curled your hair beautifully and i love those up close shots. loving the sunglasses as well.
    if only you sneaked some shots of their house! i can only imagine how awesome and retro their interior is :P