01 January 2010

Single ladies (woah oh oh)

My first outfit of 2010! And what a year it's been so far. I spent last night at a mate's place (way better than a club, in my opinion) with my wonderful wonderful friends and we danced, drank, hugged, cheered and had a pretty downright awesome time. A great start to what I have decided is going to be a GREAT year. Got it? Good.

I bought this top a couple days ago in the sales and I LOVE it. Seriously, I don't think these photos do it justice. And is it just me, or am I totally channelling Clarissa Darling here?

And the badges - OH the badges. I totally need to do a post purely about my badge collection; it's my pride and joy and it's amazing. Stay tuned.

How was everyone's new years eve/ first day of 2010? Smashing, I hope!

Top by Kenji
Shorts by Sportsgirl
Leggings by Kookaï

Lisa xx

P.S. Because it was the first song I heard this year. If that isn't a good sign, I don't know what is.


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Love your new shirt. Hey maybe you could tie some beads on to it and oh that would be so cool!!! Its just an idea... And your badge (i perfer to call them buttons, who cares), collection, I would die to see! I have one of my own actually. Lets trade sometime.


  2. the fringe on that shirt is fantastic! and i'm in love with those pins.
    happy new year dear! :)

  3. lovin the badges! Bring on the badge post!
    I was at a friends place for NYE too and it was much better than trying not to lose my mates in a club!

  4. oh what a cutie! :)


  5. Your top is great, and I love your fringe!

  6. Tati - that's a great idea! I'm pretty sure I have a bunch of colourful wooden beads around somewhere, they'd be perfect for it. And I want to see your badges too!

    Thanks everyone! You're all lovely and I hope you enjoy the badge post :)