25 January 2010

New header

Just a quick note to bring attention (ie shout out 'look at me! Look at me!') to my new header. I've been meaning to fix it up for months so yayyyyyy! (I would've done it sooner but sometimes my laziness wins over my perfectionism. See also: complete chaotic mess that is my bedroom.) I've come up with what I think is a clever analogy (it probably isn't, but whatever): a header is like the hairstyle of a blog. Exactly what that means, I'm yet to determine. So definitely not that clever... I'm rambling. My point = blog is prettier now! Hooray!

What are your thoughts?

Lisa xx


  1. U are just so huggable!!! heehee get it! Love the new header, it does just scream out at me! Also the dress in the last post is beautifully wonderful!



  2. awww i love your banner! it looks great :) love the changes you're making to your blog.

  3. ahahaha :D i get that too with my blog's layout and banner. i like the current one. it's cute :p