06 January 2010

Same Jeans

Oh, lazy day. I almost forgot what you looked like for a moment. Here's some stuff that's happened: I've watched Sherlock Holmes, Wild Child and Enchanted (GREAT combination, right?), I've worked, I played guitar hero for the first time and discovered I'm actually quite good at it (who knew?), I've dealt with problems rationally (I'm growing up!) and I've been preparing for Southbound (ahh! Excitement!) but more on that tomorrow, sneaky wink.

I like this outfit; it's slouchy, comfortable, good for lazying around. And this top, mmm - gotta learn how to tie dye. It's easy, right? And how cute are these rings? They used to be buttons. They are literally cute as a button.

Dress by Quirky Blu
Top by Kenji
Belt by Forever New

Lisa xx

P.S. I know I'm neither wearing jeans or clothes I've had on for days but I've been listening to The View and it's just a really good song, okay?


  1. I love those button rings, and you look comfy but chic here! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

  2. omg i love those button rings! what a great idea.
    and this outfit is fantastic. looks so effortless and comfortable. love the tie-dye :)