13 January 2010

Bad romance

Honey, I'm home! Southbound was amazing, you guys, GOSH, amazing. For more deets and some sweet photos visit my tumblr.

Wearing some old school bling today - I won this zebra ring at a birthday party YEARS ago and have barely worn it since. And I've finally figured out how to get this vintage man's ring (it was made for a man after all) to stay on my finger! Just pop on a couple of little silver rings on either side. Easy. And finally, I never ever get tired of my lil' button rings. A nice combination, wouldn't you agree?

And also, yes, I'm wearing two belts. I'm not convinced it works but it reminds me of that Friends episode David Thewlis was on where he drunkenly exclaimed, 'I'm wearing two belts!' (Bummed I can't find a youtube clip of it because I'm positive no one will have a clue what I'm on about. If you do however I'll be your best friend forever.)

Lisa xx

P.S. I know. I KNOW. But it's just such a addictive song, okay? Ra ra ah ah ah... I dare you not to finish that line. I DARE YOU.


  1. i love your rings! and how you got that men's ring to stay on your finger is so smart :)

    and i won't finish that song. no way, no how. haha

  2. I have had that song stuck in my head since this morning! It was playinbg in the cafe where I had breakfast! I think it's stuck in there for good now....
    I really like that mens ring that your wearing. I see mens rings inb op shops all the time but never think to buy them...I am inspired now!

  3. you have some nice rings there. i like the zebra printed one ;)