18 January 2010

Sleepy head

Thought I'd try something a little different (woah! Innovation!) and shoot inside. Me in my natural environment, you know? It was... difficult. My room is a total cluttered mess, I could barely move the tripod without knocking something over, but I managed to find a nice-ish spot in front of my poster-laden wardrobe doors. I think it looks okay?

Anyway, OH MY GOD SHOES. I love these shoes. Like, really love. I think I could start a committed relationship with these shoes. Okay, getting weird - point is, they're nice shoes. They're super comfortable and make me feel like I'm wearing tiny foot monsters that could possibly terrorise a 1950s Japanese city a la Godzilla. Or something.


Top by Bloch (altered by moi)
Shorts and tights by Sportsgirl
Shoes by Marcs

Lisa xx

P.S. One of my FAVOURITE favourite songs at the moment. I lurrve it, so good. Mm. Totes jealous of all those who'll be catching Passion Pit at Big Day Out.

P.P.S. I made the blog layout a little wider because it was boring me. Does it work? I can't decide.


  1. haha my room is a complete and utter mess too. whenever i leave for college my mom always takes advantage of my absence and cleans my room :P
    those shoes look AMAZING on you, no wonder you love them so much! and i love that off-the-shoulder top. looking lovely :)

  2. I like your blog layout better wider!! looks great and i love your natural environment, its edgy and cool! great shoes! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

  3. Aahhh yay your shoes! I seriously contemplated getting those shoes, then didn't, then went back and they were GONE! They look so good on you! xo

  4. MMM I second your thoughts, these shoes are amazing!

  5. nice nice nicee shoes you're wearing!