29 May 2010


There were a couple of days during the week when it just rained nonstop and basically, it was perfect. This is my weather, people. Even though I had to be good and inside and studyish I couldn't resist dancing outside in the rain for a little bit. Lisa's Cosy Rainy Outfit Essentials: beanie, scarf, big ol' jumper and ugg boots. And of course a pretty umbrella. Rain on!

Vintage jumper via Twitch Vintage
Jeans by Grab
Beanie by Cotton On
(Super super old) scarf and ugg boots by Jay Jays (almost all the best components of a cosy outfit are old)

Lisa xx


  1. mannnnnn so cute!!!
    on thursday I got drenched.
    three times
    ...sigh HAHA

  2. Ooh schweet! I love big wooden umbrellas they're just so silly.

    You've got an utterly gorgeous blog over here, I love your previous post too!

    Have a fab week!



  3. i really like your umbrella, such cool photos!

  4. I love your jumper! I love vintage things, big knitted jumpers especially...my Mum is being lovely and is knitting me one at the moment. I might even have a look in the op shops for another one :).
    I love rain. It's the best feeling falling asleep listening to it.

  5. I love love love the rain! I hate driving in it, but I love being at home watching a storm out the window. Nothing beats that!