21 May 2010

In the sun

I was going to take photos of my outfit today (my ugly jumper + grey socks + high waisted shorts = it was cute, you'll just have to take my word for it) but my body kept begging me to take a nice hot shower and hop into my pyjamas so I did that instead. Oops! So here's a photo of me in my pj's (at 9pm on a friday night... WHAT A LIFE) plus some things that might hopefully happy up your friday.
  • The video for In the sun by She and Him:

  • I think this girl needs to become my life coach or something:
  •  The 40s will teach you how to be popular!

  •  I'm really looking forward to when this comes out:
  • Google teacup pigs. Seriously, it's the best decision I've made today. Go on, do it.
Have a wonderrrrful night!

Lisa xx


  1. I really enjoyed your path to enlightenment, it was like an obstacle course with all happy things. And I can't WAIT to see that movie now, I just adore Emma Stone!

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  3. Thanks for this! So MUCH FUN! Plus you look uber cute in your jajammers.