13 May 2010

Anyone else but you

My nanna went to Dongara a couple days ago and brought back this weird holey shell. She knew one of her crazy granddaughters could easily wear it as a ring and I'm VERY glad I got to it first. Shell rings = just about the weirdest and coolest thing ever, right? I'm totes gonna make this a trend.

Lisa xx


  1. ahhh that shell is beyond awesome!! i love that it fits perfectly as a ring. can i just say how jealous i am? now i know what i'll be looking for at the beach this summer :P

  2. totally awesome. your grandma is brilliant. I am so on the lookout for such a shell starting.now.

  3. That is soooo cool that shell! and wearing it as a ring is super cool too! Love your photos & the movement in them. x

  4. This is ingenious! Love it. I can totally see this trend taking off :)

  5. love it! Would never have thought of that!

  6. coollll!! :DD

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