20 January 2013

rebecca minkoff pre-fall 13

I'm currently sitting in the hallway of an office building in the CBD, 24 floors up, mooching off some dude's unprotected wifi (cheers bro) and drinking the best damn coffee I've had in weeks (or, uh, the only damn coffee I've had in weeks - I've missed this stuff) as the film I'm currently working on powers through this fine sunday afternoon. With some time to kill before the next costume change (this job - most film jobs, really - is packed full of lots of glamorous waiting around) I just had to share my love for this collection.

photos via style.com

Rebecca Minkoff was absolutely my favourite to come out of pre-fall 13. Oh boy. So good. The carefully distressed leather and denim, perfect autumn shades, layers building those strong and feminine silhouettes. And to top it off, inspiration was primarily drawn from Amelia Earhart - so cool.

I would wear any of these pieces in a heartbeat. And pack the rest of them into a suitcase, find a plane and fly around the world, having the best-dressed adventures a lady could have. (But um, hopefully without disappearing in the process.)

What was your favourite pre-fall collection?

Lisa xx


  1. i can really see the amelia earhart influence here and i am loving how masculine these feminine pieces are. i will be catching up an all the pre-fall collections this week so i do not have a favorite yet!

    xx rae

  2. Verry nice post!
    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog!

  3. I love the scarlet red top and the boyfriend jeans, x