27 January 2013

the burning kiss

About this time last year I was super lucky to work as a wardrobe assistant on a feature film for the first time, The Burning Kiss. Coming straight out of uni it was the biggest production I'd worked on up until that point and it was such a great experience, with a rad group of hard-working, passionate people. And the clothes! Oh boy, the clothes. Wait til you see 'em. But until then, a few teaser photos are beginning to emerge (and they're getting me even more excited to see the final product). I just had to share a few...

Photos by Jesse Collins (bottom image screenshot)

"It's been six long years since the hit and run incident that put disgraced former detective Edmond Bloom in a wheelchair and killed his wife, Juliette. With the killer never identified, Edmond spends his days pouring over clues under the care of his submissive 20 year old daughter, Charlotte, whom he indirectly blames for the accident.

What an achievement it would be if he could catch his wife's killer from the confines of his wheelchair?

On a hot summer's day, a broken and remorseful stranger appears claiming to be the driver of the car six years earlier, begging Edmond for forgiveness or punishment. It seems the killer is revealed; case closed. The problem is, Edmond didn't catch him and there's no way six years of hard detective work were all for nothing. Instead of seeking retribution on the guilty party, he concocts a selfish and dangerous plan involving himself, the stranger and his daughter. Sun-bleached shadows loom over the three as the plan spirals out of control."

Head here for more info and news about the film.

Lisa xx