06 September 2013

city of vincent presents constellations

Boy, I am loving my new neighbourhood. A wander down the road last night led to a hell of a late night shopping treat - the City of Vincent with the Perth Fashion Festival put together Constellations, a celebration of all good fashion things in Leederville. Mannequins coming to life in shop windows, market stalls a plenty and a top runway show featuring all the local talent you could dream for - talk about a way to (basically) kick off the weekend.

Oxford St really is one of my favourite spots in Perth to shop, regardless of convenience. (Spoiler, friends and family, but I think I've barely bought a birthday present anywhere else this year.) Of course it's not news how great the area is, but now there's more reason than ever to head down and have a gander!

(I sadly couldn't stay for the runway show but there are some rad photos kicking around the local blogs - the lasses over at Le Fanciulle especially got some sick coverage.)

Lisa xx


  1. I cool ate this mannequin set up.

  2. Haha, brilliant! That must have been startling.

    Yours, Comtesse Sofia

  3. so cool! They look so ... lifelike, but also like plastic dolls! It's so cool!


  4. Great and interesting post! Nice pictures!


  5. They look awesome, it would have been strange when you saw them move.

  6. This sounds wonderful and looks fantastic, definitely something I'd love to see.

  7. This looks like so much fun! The models all look so chic!

    fashion and tea

  8. Looks like such a cool shop! Looking at the photos, I was thinking they look quite life like.