28 September 2013

while you have light

Something funny about working in film... the editing process takes such a long long while that by the point it really starts to come together, stills start to appear and you (finally!) get to watch the finished thing, so much time has passed that it's pretty much like re-living the magic all over again! (Unless of course you're part of the post production team... in which case you've spent a long time in a small room with people you've developed strong and equal feelings of love and hate for, and are really just hoping to have held onto your sanity.) Lucky for me, costume gal, I'm currently sitting and enjoying the snippets of a short film I worked on at the end of last year, While You Have Light, start to take shape! I hear a viewing is not far off (SO excited) but for now shall we just enjoy some stills?

I had the most fun working on this film. It's a charming little devil - paper cranes come to life, lives are taken over by paper (literally), adventures are had and relationships are explored, developed and mended. Whimsy and heart to the max. Is that all you need in a pleasurable viewing experience or what?

And I got to rip up clothes and splatter them with (fake) blood! I gotta tell ya, that's a therapeutic activity right there.

But of course - it wouldn't have been half the excellent experience if it weren't for the wicked people doing their thing behind and in front of the camera - it's all about who you work with, am I right?

directed by Jenny Crabb / produced by Lauren Cleary / cinematography by Corydon Anderson / written by Chris Ardley / production design by Danae Blennerhassett / hair and make up by Kate Anderson

featuring Kiran Wilson / Meagan Taylor / Clem Littleton

stills by Matthew Casey

Yay movies!

Lisa xx


  1. it must be so much work editing a film, but i imagine seeing the results at the end make it all worth it. and after all it's a labour of love. :)

    little henry lee

  2. This looks like so much fun - I bet the creative process is super satisfying, certainly looks it :)

  3. Looks like such an interesting film. Bet you had ton of fun working on this!

  4. It sounds like a very interesting film and a lot of fun! ;)