10 October 2013

love for we love perth

Oh boyyy. I have truly been embracing the hermit life like never before over the past couple weeks. And not by choice! I was struck down with a hella nasty virus and was forced to take a slight vacation from reality (worst holiday ever). And though I've caught up with basically every episode of every tv show produced in the past year and a half - it sucked. I missed out on work, friends' birthdays, speaking on a photography panel, art exhibition openings... bad timing or what, right? Being sick blows. But I'm no longer in pain, I can slowly feel my energy coming back to me and I am ready to jump straight back (gradually, while pacing myself - doctor's orders) into Life. So pumped.

Sooo to baby step back into the blogging portion of said life I just gotta share this profile delightful local site We Love Perth did on me the other week! They called me things like 'creative' and 'young lass' and the attention made me blush a whole lot. I talked about the sort of work I do, my involvement with Bright Lights, Small City and the things I adore about Perth. Oh shucks! Big big thank you to We Love Perth for, basically, considering me an interesting subject!

You can read the full interview here. And if you're not familiar with We Love Perth be sure to check out the rest of the site! It's updated constantly with events, places and people and is bursting with love for this sweet little town.

And P.S, Bright Lights, Small City runs for just a couple more days so if you're yet to check out that divine collection of talent, do so post haste! (Pretty please.)

Lisa xx