20 April 2010

A thousand miles

(I had some fun in photoshop...)

I've been a bit blog-absent as of late (sad face) so here's an EXTRA big photos-of-me-filled post for you! Hurrah!

So I've been fairly sick over the past week and while my cold's kinda sorta gone, unfortunately my voice is too. (Let's just say I've really been able to perfect my Batman impression.) But I don't want to babble on about my maladies so here are some good things that have happened. AND OH HOW SOME GOOD THINGS HAVE HAPPENED. So you know my ongoing love for ebay? Well that love is only fuelled when four separate purchase all arrive within a week of each other. And also when they're ALL AMAZING.

This awesome poncho is from Noir Ohio Vintage - it's basically like a big wearable blanket. Lurve.

Cool cool cool shirt from Rock Paper Vintage. It's already worn-in and super comfy; it's like wearing a big bad-ass hug.

Pretty fly blazer, also from Rock Paper Vintage.

Cuuuute lil' jumper from the always fantastic Twitch Vintage.

Lisa xx


  1. i'm loving this picture location, the floor of that alleyway is awesome! :)

    anyway, i'm loving the editing in the first few photos as well as your super cozy poncho! i hope you feel completely better soon and your voice comes back!

  2. adorable outfit! also im so glad to hear you love sheldon. my dream!