25 April 2010

twenty five . april. twenty ten

I'm trying to get into the habit of taking my camera with me everywhere so here's some bits and pieces from my today! Featuring: a breakfast of ANZAC biscuits (I wasn't patient enough to take a photo before eating), heading to an antique sale at the Claremont showgrounds, wearing my poncho and awkwardly taking photos of myself (haha), buying a cuuuute little nautical-type bracelet and cherry-cola lollies. Yummmm.

Happy ANZAC day to any antipodeans reading and happy weekend to everyone else :)

Lisa xx


  1. Love these photos. It's always interesting to see the little things people do in there day.

  2. Fun photos, and that bracelet is so cute! and those candies look yummy! xoxo, natalya

  3. Nice hair ! I wish my bangs had stayed in place... they never did so I had to grow them out.. oh you have made me crave those sweets!