26 April 2010

Art swap!

 (Photo via Igor and Andre)

Feeling creative? Like getting pretty things in the mail? Then this Super Amazing Art Exchange (I may have embellished the title just a little) is the thing for you! (Dude, would I be perfect at marketing or what?)

Basically it involves creating something, sending it on to someone and then receiving a whole bunch of somethings yourself. You can draw, paint, take photos, write a song, sew, bead, thread, knit, create a comic, make a lil movie or choreograph an interpretive dance. Too easy, right?

If you're interested or want more details then shoot me an email at lisakyle91@hotmail.com :)

Get excited!! (I am! I spent the weekend taking what may just be the cutest photos of all time, printed them today and am going to send them off tomorrow. Yay!)

Lisa xx


  1. Igor and Andre = gorgeous illustrations

  2. I'm a bit interested, but I'm not good with mailing things. I've only done that once in my life, and it was to a friend who lived in the other city close to mine... and it took fricking 2 weeks and $12 extra. like WTF O_O But keep me updated!

  3. awww i would love to participate in this!