12 April 2010

I speak because I can

I've had the busiest weekend in forever (work/ studying/ drunken shenanigans with friends/ football/ dance competition - where did this whole me having a life thing come from??) plus non-stop uni today (where I got to play director in my TV studio class! Sitting in the control room! Telling people what to do! Pressing lots of buttons!) equals me very happy to be sitting back, listening to Laura Marling and looking at pretty pictures. Here's a few of them.. (Also well done if you were able to make sense of that paragraph - my brain's a wee bit fizzled at the moment.)

(Faboo by Michael Sakas and Michael Donnor)

(Fashion Toast)

(Emmanuelle Alt by Jak & Jil)

(Jak & Jil)

(The Photodiarist)

Lisa xx


  1. Frazzled brain + pretty pictures= entertaining post.

  2. Love the stylish mommies featured here! Also, now I need thigh high boots!!

  3. Hi there. I was scrolling through these pics thinking to myself that I love this post and that I had to comment, when I saw my own pic! Thanks for including it in such a great collection of photos. Love.