22 April 2010

Perth vintagey FUN!

I picked up this sweet sweet dress at a vintage sale in North Perth last Saturday! Yay!

And now I'm PUMPED because there's a lot of vintage goodness to look forward to in the next couple months...
  • Running this Saturday to Monday is the Claremont Antique and Collectors Fair at Claremont showgrounds. I've been to this one a couple times before and it's always top fun, there's a massive range - everything from your standard vintage clothes and accessories to really serious (and kind of weird) collector stuff (samurai swords or nazi propaganda anyone?) Stuff I've bought there in the past: a silk scarf, cameo brooches and old school Archie comics (damn straight).
  • Also on Saturday is the first of the monthly We Heart Vintage Market at the Flying Scotsman in Mt Lawley. A monthly vintage market? Yes please!
  • Pigeonhole's AW Fashion Launch is on the 30th of April at their Bon Marche arcade store - I VERY sadly can't make it to this one so please make me jealous and go! (And maybe buy me something pretty...?)
  • Vintage Vixens and Vamps is on the 23rd of May at Fremantle town hall and really, sounds nothing short of awesome.
Hooray! And can I just say... I LOVE how it's basically a necessity to have at least one cupcake stall at any vintage-type event these days. I fully support this trend.

Lisa xx


  1. VERY cute :) Perfect for autumn, me thinks.
    I hope you're better now!

  2. that vintage dress is gorgeous! i need some vintage shopping in my life...take me with you! :)

  3. Oh, cupcake stall. That does sound like a good thing to have! And this dress is perfect. Love it. Have fun at your vintage sales!!

  4. That dress is lovely. It is hilarious how cupcakes are such an "it" item!