30 July 2012

countdown to restyle

Not long to go at all until PFF and Lotterywest's 30 Days of Restyle kicks off! To get us all in the mood, here's a teaser video produced by the lovely Gemma Rule. Such a cute video, right? And why yes, those are my pins strutting across the screen in the first shot, as well as me laughing like a dork a few seconds later. Also I'm not sure who sings the song that's used, but it's super sweet and I don't really mind that it's been stuck in my head for the past week.

And as promised, a few behind the scenes snaps from that gloriously fun day...

(That last one was stolen from Tara I think.) My brain is not itself first thing on a sunday so I forgot to take my dslr along - hence all the instagram business - BUT a massive shout out to the Le Fanciulle ladies Steph and Trish who have been filling their blog with so much Restyle goodness, including spotlights on each blogger plus the amazing crew who put the whole thing together. The below picture is theirs, and be sure to trot along here if you crave some more My-Little-Pony-hair close ups.

Only two more days until the whole thing gets going! August is going to be hectic, in the best possible way. Being the organisational nut I am I've already catologued all the items I've bought and planned most of the outfits - you can tell I'm excited about something when there's cataloguing involved. Nerd.

Catch you for all that fab action soon! Eep!

Lisa xx

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