25 July 2012


I was ever so lucky to spend the past five days in Melbourne, soaking up the shopping, food, footy, beautiful streets and buildings as well as some quality time with my dad and nanna. Here's a little taste...

1. Bourke St in the morning.
2. Boosh coffee at Manchester Press!!!
3. Socks-tucked-into-pants weather.
4. Football! My beloved Geelong beat Essendon 134 to 67.
5. Beautiful blue skies above Port Melbourne.
6. An AMAZING pair of op shopped jeans from Hunter Gatherer.
7. Giant creepy baby chilling above Brunswick St.
8. Tranquil Queen Victoria Gardens.
9. Being a general loon in my hotel room.
10. Bourke St at dusk.

Stay tuned for another post featuring some instagrammed behind the scenes photos from the 30 Days of Restyle shoot, then I promise it's back to real proper photos (including some absolute gems I found during my Melbourne travels)!

Lisa xx

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  1. adorable blog darling glad to have found another aussie who loves op shopping and vintage!
    xoxo Ilana