24 September 2012

pff: restyle on the runway

Eeeeeek, you guys. It happened! Restyle on the Runway was a total success. We were nervous as hell getting ready and waiting backstage but before we knew it Lollipop started pumping and the fun soon followed. Clothes all stayed on, no one stumbled, a grand time was had by all!

Mad props to the Perth Fashion Festival, Lotterywest, Lauren Wood, O'Dowd Christie and Blow Dry Bar teams for taking care of us and making us feel damn glamorous.

This has been such a wonderful experience and I'm pretty bummed it's all over. (I've already done the sappy 'WAHH IT'S OVER' post so I'll leave it at that.) But I've heard a few whispers that next year is going to be bigger and even better...

Lisa xx

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