26 June 2010

Lost coastlines

Guess who's back friends! Correctomundo! I had a downright lovely and amazing and rad time at Rottnest, it was exactly exactly what I needed. And having spent the last day or so recovering, I am once again all yours. Lucky you! Though I have to admit after bumming around for a week in jeans and plain-ish tops and cardigans and as many scarves/ beanies/ warm accessories as possible, it felt a little strange to be back amongst my wardrobe. So I sort of just threw on anything I could find. It worked?

It has been VERY VERY COLD these past couple days. Capitals VERY necessary. We antipodeans are into very super full-on winter now. And I love winter. The bits of winter when I am indoors and still have feeling in my extremities, that is. I can't wait to spend the next couple months being warm and cosy and tea-filled and bed-bunkered and scarf-enveloped. Mmmmmm.

Top (not really seen) by Bloch
Trousers by Temt
Blazer by Dotti
Scarf by Cotton On (I think)
Boots by Rubi

Lisa xx


  1. Love the boots so much! You look like you are running crazy fast in that last photo :) It is so strange hearing about winter when it is 100 degrees Fahrenheit here. I keep forgetting you are so far away! And your new beanie is so cute, I can see why you are so enamored with it!

  2. I love your boots! It will be interesting to see winter outfits when its 90+ where I am :)