29 June 2010

Laughing with

IT IS COLD. Has winter always been this cold? I could've sworn it was different last year...

But anyway... this is a pretty typical outfit for me at the moment. Jeans, flats, plain top and some sort of blazer-type thing. Casual wintery perfection.

I wore this to (FINALLY) see New York, I love you, which I enjoyed, but it left me feeling somewhat... empty. I had fairly high expectations (anyone who knows me in real life knows that I have a BIG crush on New York) and it didn't really live up to them. There was just something a little cold and disengaging about it. It didn't leave me with the warm gooey oh-my-god-take-me-to-New-York-NOW feelings I was expecting. But I did still enjoy it. What did everyone else think?

Top by Supre
Jeans by Grab
Vintage jacket
Shoes by Ollie Ollie

Lisa xx

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  1. I am really keen to go see New York, I Love you (I also heart NY), so I will now be interested to see what it's like after reading your comments....