13 June 2010


I had so many plans today! I was going to go to the park and take photos of myself doing handstands and then ride my bike to the beach and then make cupcakes! But oh no! My stomach decided that it didn't really like me all that much so I spent the day in bed. Blah. I'm feeling better but don't have the photos I was hoping to share with you. So! Here are some pretty street style photos for all you pretty people out there...

(via Hanneli)

(via Jak & Jil)

Also, this:

Lisa xx


  1. All fantastic street style inspiration! I too had big-ish plans for this weekend, but damn winter colds got the better of me. Boo. Here's to spending the day in bed, haha.

  2. I had plans for today as well. The only thing I managed to go through with was a coffee date with some girlfriends of mine.

    And what a lovely entry with street style inspiration.

    Cute blog, btw. :)

  3. I like that you included some fabulously dressed gentlemen. Dandy eye candy.

  4. Lovely guys and gals here! Great photos! XOXO, Natalya