05 June 2010

thirty . may . twenty ten

Everyone together now: one... two.. three... HOORAY! That's right kiddos, uni's finished for the semester! This was probably definitely my favourite semester so far (good bye first-year awkwardness) but the work... the lack of sleep... VERY glad to be able to just relax for a little bit!

Last weekend I was good and took my camera with me as I journeyed around Perth so I thought I'd show y'all a little bit of my fair city...

Perth is rather photogenic :)

Lisa xx


  1. You can see the most photogenic part from the Roe lookout in Kings Park.

  2. very cool pics! you captured Perth wonderfully :)

  3. oh my god your shoes <3
    and damnnn youuu i'm still full swing into first year awkwardness hahaha

  4. Oh my goodness, Perth is VERY photogenic! WA is the only Australian state or territory I haven't been in. Perth looks so lovely!

    Congrats for finishing the semester! Enjoy your break as well :) Catch up on sleep. I iz very jealous.

  5. Oh, I am about to start the first year uni awkwardness!
    These pics are fab! I will get myself to Perth one day...it's on the list!!