13 November 2011

hello hello

OH HEY YOU GUYS. Remember this lil' thing? I had to take a sizeable break while my life was swallowed by my final year of uni - but with that all set and done it's time to bring it back. Huzzahs all around!

SO yesterday afternoon was spent with delightful blogger babe Tara at the Beaufort St Festival where our eyes feasted on rack after rack of overwhelmingly quality vintage. Pretty dresses were bought, burgers were eaten, local culture was consumed and a rad time was had by all.

Revival dress / Minkpink sunglasses / Something Else by Natalie Wood bag 
Sportsgirl socks / Mimi Loves Jimi boots

Go visit Tara to hear her version of the day!

Lisa xx


  1. yay! glad to see you back miss!
    Im so upset i didn't get round to seeing the festival! looks like you and tara had a ball! x

  2. That light purple hair!!! It is AMAZ!

    Good to see you back :)

    xx S

    Le Fanciulle

  3. ahhh these markets look incredible! and so do those racks of pretty dresses - i would of died a little inside hehe.

    great post!

    x Lauren

  4. Yay you're back to posting! You took some awesome photos (even the sneaky ones of me!). Can't wait to see more posts from you pretty lady!

  5. Ooh, looks like you had a lot of fun! The vintage clothes are all so pretty!

  6. That looks like vintage heaven, seriously! so jealous.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  7. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! You're back!!! Ive missed seeing you here!! Love your shades, pretty lady xx

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