05 August 2012

restyle: get striped

Top from Vinnies ($5.00) / Skirt from Red Cross ($14.97) / Scarf from Anglicare ($2.00)
Mimi Loves Jimi boots / Pigeonhole necklace

Today's post brought to you by Barely Functioning Brain (had an exhausting - in the best possible way - Jamaican Independence Day-themed night at work, as you do) so minimal words ahead BUT I will say I am starting to develop quite a love for stripes and as I don't own enough of 'em (spoiler: one can never own enough. See also: polka dots) here is step one in trying to remedy that.

Lisa xx


  1. Haha I feel the same way especially when Im posting this much! I love that skirt

  2. You will get addicted to stripes! I know i did when i bought everything in stripes one season.

  3. You're so frenchy! So chic! (imagine that in the most ridiculously flamboyant voice hahaha)
    Lookin' good :)
    Steph x