30 August 2012

restyle: the end

Dress from Good Samaritan ($6.00) / Heels from Save the Children ($12.00)
tutu made by friend / vintage belt / Forever New tights

It's here! The final day of Perth Fashion Festival and Lotterywest's 30 Days Of Restyle! And not going to lie, I'm pretty bummed. It's been exhausting (in the best possible way, of course) but I've had so much fun and I'm quite proud of myself for getting through it with minimal mind blanks. If I had the chance to do it for another month, I absolutely would.

On this sad, sad day I thought I'd try and turn this final post into as much of a party as I could. So hello tutu, hello bubbles, hello jumping and dancing around like a fool. What every outfit post should include, really!

I really hope y'all have enjoyed this little adventure over the past month. And are now maybe even a little inspired to get your op shop on, if you weren't already? And hopefully you're not totally tired of my face, and that ol' gate, also. I'll be back with a post featuring my favourite outfits, and then it'll be time to get ready for the runway show. The excitement's not over yet, thank heavens.

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to Renee and the Perth Fashion Festival crew for having me along for this too-good-to-possibly-be-true month of merriment, to Lotterywest for their support, to all the other Restylers for coming up with such excellent getups every day, and to every single charity and every single volunteer at those charities for not only providing people like myself with rad clothes, but for donating their time and energy to help the community. You're all awesome.

Lisa xx

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