16 August 2012

restyle: good morning miss

Top from Save the Children ($5.00) / Skirt from Red Cross ($7.00)
vintage cardigan / hand-me-down belt / mum's old boots

Busy busy day! Up early for a shoot, then a bit of a zip around sourcing and organising clothes for an upcoming project (more on that exciting development later!) and back home to edit photos, while thankfully finding time in between for a quick coffee and danish from Francois in Leederville - have you been to that place? Fantastique!

And how appropriate for a day requiring muchos productivity that I'm throwing down some major primary-school-teacher vibes. Something about blue and red tartan and a prim buttoned-up blouse? Well, it's how I'd dress if I somehow found myself educating a ragtag bunch of loveable misfits (I assume that's how any primary school classroom can be described), at least.

Lisa xx

1 comment:

  1. I loooooove Francois! The perfect place for a catch up coffee :D

    Steph xx