21 August 2012

PFF program launch

AND THE PRIZE FOR MOST FAB MORNING GOES TO THIS MORNING. YEP, THIS MORNING DEF WINS THE PRIZE. Seriously, I can think of no better way to spend a rainy tuesday morning than with Perth's most fashion-obsessed peeps celebrating the launch of the Perth Fashion Festival 2012 program. And there is SO much to look forward to. Aside from Restyle on the Runway, if you can believe it.

Photos by Stefan Gosatti

Opening with a vibrant and eclectic display of local fashion led by stunning Face of the Festival Nicole Pollard, drinks were shared and spirits were high as director Mariella Harvey-Hanrahan told us the festival is "breaking with tradition, taking on new formats and events to spice it up. After 14 years PFF is still fresh, exciting and innovative." Too cool.

The official website is up and you can check it out here and find out all you need to know. Stay tuned, September's going to be radical.

Also - it was delightful catching up with some of my fellow Restylers! I don't think anyone was left guessing who the bloggers were at the party...

Lisa xx

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