03 August 2012

restyle: libraries could be so much cuter

Blouse from Vinnies ($5.00) / Skirt from Vinnies ($5.00) / Belt from Good Samaritan ($2.00)
Forever New tights / vintage heels / I've forgotten where the bow is from :(

I feel like if there's one look that op shops are a total gold mine for, it's that whole 'cute/ chic librarian' look. Seriously, I rarely come across a shop that doesn't have a stack of tartan, knee-length skirts and sensible blouses. Sensible without lacking in sweetness, of course. And what romanticised idea of a librarian is complete without a (slightly reluctant, but nonetheless adorable) feline companion? Props to Misty for putting aside her distaste for cameras for a couple minutes. The internet appreciates it, Mist.

Lisa xx


  1. Cutest librarian I ever did see ;)

    Steph xx


  2. When I was at uni (many moons ago!) I worked at the library s so I'm probably biased when I say how much I love this look!

  3. The shirt was a great find, I love it! Cute. I used to wear sooooo many plaid pleated skirts!