24 August 2012

restyle: best vest

Top from Save the Children ($5.00) / Vest from Anglicare ($5.00)
Vintage jeans / ASOS sandals

Great week, guys. Awesome work, high fives all around. Celebrating the Perth Fashion Festival getting into gear, having plenty of work to keep me busy (of the dancing, photographic and film variety - my favourite kinds of work), catching up with friends, hanging out with a family of ducklings that are currently residing in my friend's backyard (YEAH YOU READ RIGHT, I FEEL YO JEALOUSY). And I've got a dance- and film-filled weekend to look forward to. Happy happy me. I hope life is treating all of y'all just as kindly?

Lisa xx


  1. You look so cute! I love your hair in the third photo. Glad to hear you've got an exciting weekend ahead!

  2. Ooh sounds like a great week :) Lucky you! And the sun has been shining heaps, too, just to add to it all!

    Steph xx